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Cagayan - Ilocos Norte Day 2


Nangaramoan beach in Sta. Ana, Cagayan!

Hello Buko Juice Friends!

The beach is really nice. Hindi masyadong mabato at white sand!

Burying Maden! Hahaha Ginusto mo yan eh.

We played Volleyball. Us VS. Cagayan People

Sta. Ana, Cagayan. End of the road! As in sa sungay ng Pinas ‘to!

BJ friends with Meg’s Family.



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No More Holding Back.

I will always remember the joy of you falling for me at some point.I would always remember that you are my almost firsts in this corny romantic drama of falling in love. haha

And thank you for giving me more reasons to let go everyday. Maybe that is what I really need this time, a direct confirmation from you that you don’t like me now the way you had fallen for me before. I really needed that for me to stop grasping to us. 

I would always believe that things would be different if you and I are going towards the same direction. However you got different plans and you know I have goals too, that’s why for now I had decided to let you go fully, no more holding back. I have to let go of you maye for now or maybe forever, only time will tell.

I got a job offer, very convincing offers over the phone, but really are the offers true?

So I got a call this morning, from a certain international company “daw” offering me a job as a free lance Biochemist. Being a fresh graduate eager to look for jobs of my interest I instantly said yes for the interview, and since I am outside the house I had no chance of researching about the company until I came home..

From what I remember, the lady said that I can be offered with projects relating to Biochemistry and I can get high compensation for it. Convincing huh? Since jobs that are very much in line with my degree is really hard to find in our country, I was excited and I said yes for the interview. It is only now that I realized taht it is suspicious that they know my full name and that I am a fresh graduate from UST Biochemistry. Before ending the call the woman said that since I am a graduate of UST, they expect me not to ditch the interview and come on time. They sent me a text with the name and address of the company, Octagon Training Center. I was out the whole day so when I came home, I searched for the directions on how to get there, I also search for the company and what they really offer. Curiosity came to me when I can’t find enough details about Octagon Training Center, what I can only find are details on how to get in their office. Uhuh. Something fishy? hmm? So being the trained internet stalker and researcher that I am (HAHA) I continued to search for more details about this Octagon Center and lucky me I was able to find this blog. < Okay you guys should better read this. < Okay you guys should better read this.

Octagon is a networking company, okay there’s nothing wrong with networking stuff. Even if comments in this blog said that it is a scam I am in no position to testify on that since I wasn’t interviewed and I have no plan on going in the “interview”. So I have no right to comment on the things they do and to agree on the comments on that blog. (But really the blog and the comments are a must read, it scared me somehow) 
I am just only blogging about this because it was really wrong that they actually told me things that would really convince me into going into their office that are, aren’t true. Imagine the hassle and waste of time it would cause me? 
Asking me to be professional and not to ditch the interview? oh common! Telling me lies over the phone, offering me with things in line with my course even if it’s not true just to make me come to your office? for what to recruit me in your networking shiz. That’s obviously more unprofessional.

What if I tell you, this time I am really done trying to make you love me back?

Would you even care?

or perhaps will you miss me sometimes?

But I don’t regret anything. I love all the feelings you gave me, those I-cant-sleep-because-you’re-on-my-mind feelings,those skipping heartbeats because of your messages, those inevitable smiles because I know you care for me, silly jokes,teasing and laughter, those petty and funny fights only you and I could understand.  I will be thankful that, for a while you’re one thing that had made me happy. 

I won’t take back even the pain and hurt of you and I slowly drifting apart because that’s the reality that somehow along the way I really felt something for you, that something I won’t question nor understand. 

I don’t regret falling for you or forgetting logic because of you, but from this moment onward I vow to myself that I will soon find someone who could make me feel the way I deserve and I know before I could do that I must love myself more and find the happiness I am looking within me. 

It may sound silly but all the hurt I had felt, made me afraid to open up to somebody again, because I know it would just made me vulnerable to pain again. If I let my guards down, anybody could hurt me. This time I will be strong enough though I know someday, somehow I could find someone who would make me unafraid to be vulnerable again and I will make sure that he will be worth it. :) 


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